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Summer Reading for English

Summer Reading for English is a school requirement. For questions, please check with Department Chair, Mrs. Christine Zurkowski .


To Students: Welcome to John Carroll! As an incoming freshman English student, you’ll be asked to read one of the books from the list below. Please note that there is no school-wide summer reading program this year in addition to the English requirement. 

To Parents: The Freshman English teachers have selected the books on this list from popular and well-regarded contemporary young adult fiction titles. An assignment for the English book will be available online over the summer. Students should own, and bring to school, a copy of the book they select. 

Many of the books listed below have won awards from literary organizations, libraries, and other groups and have been selected by other high schools as required reading. As with nearly all contemporary novels, even those written for teenagers, some content may be considered objectionable by some parents. Though each of the titles listed below has a central message that is valuable for young people, some of the authors have also included adult themes. For this reason, we have provided a wide array of options. Parents concerned about the content of any of the titles are urged to visit and search by author or title for a detailed breakdown each book’s content

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Freshman Summer Reading List

Freshman Summer Assignment

Freshman Summer Assignment COMPLETED SAMPLE


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Honors English 10        English 10


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Honors English 11          English 11           AP English 11


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Honors English 12            English 12          AP English 12