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Senior Project


Senior Project, a performance-based educational opportunity, has been in operation at The John Carroll School since 2008-09. Senior students create projects in one or some combination of the following categories:

  • career exploration
  • community service
  • creative expression
  • pursuit of a dream
  • exploration of a passion


In keeping with the tenets of The John Carroll School Mission Statement and institutional philosophy, the Senior Project seeks to:  

  • provide a year-long in-depth educational opportunity for members of each graduating class;                        
  • provide a venue for critical thinking, independent expression, personal responsibility, individual and educational growth;
  • empower each senior to explore a passion, to stretch as a learner, and to foster the ability to design and execute independent choices;
  • encourage seniors to strive for excellence and a sense of a job done well rather than to settle for mediocrity in any endeavor they pursue;
  • serve as a synthesis of the educational opportunities to which students have been exposed and solidify a desire to be lifelong learners who possess a sense of community and global awareness as well as a heightened sense of self confidence and worth.


Senior Project is a mandatory graduation requirement. Seniors must create, develop, implement, then present for evaluation an independent project. Seniors must complete a minimum of thirty hours of field experience directly related to their individual projects.  Field work may be completed throughout the school year and/or during a two-week period in May between exams and project evaluations.

Senior Project is an individualized approach to learning that allows students to draw on their strengths and current skill levels, but also provides them the opportunity to stretch themselves as learners. It provides a transitional experience between the completely structured, directed venue of high school and the more unstructured, independent venue college provides. In addition, projects give students opportunities in real-world, performance-based situations to apply the skills, values, knowledge, and understanding that they have garnered during their high school years. Senior Project also allows for a sense of personal achievement, enhanced self-worth, and the satisfaction of independent accomplishment by providing students with a structure that enables them to take a project from conception to fruition. In order for students to successfully complete their projects, they must secure connections with both individuals and locations in the general community. Our goal is for Senior Project to be a real-life experience for students, not just a classroom exercise. We are the only high school in Harford County that currently offers students this unique, challenging, and ultimately very fulfilling opportunity. Consequently, we feel we provide a unique educational experience for the young adults in our care.