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This page is designed to provide information to groups or individuals regarding the use of The John Carroll School facilities.

Included on this page are: policies and procedures pertaining to the general use of The John Carroll School facilities; frequently asked questions; spaces available for use;, and the process associated with the request to use The John Carroll School facilities. 

To request use of The John Carroll School facilities, all applicants should follow the link Facilities Use Request Form.  After you have submitted your request, the Coordinator of Campus Services will contact you.



The John Carroll School is an independent, Catholic school, operated by its own elected Board of Trustees and administrated by a President and Principal leadership model. The School has been blessed with a wide variety of facilities and extensive grounds and they play a significant role in helping JCS fulfill its purpose and mission. With the continued growth of The John Carroll Schoo, we have found it necessary to formalize and expand our policies and procedures. Their purpose is to assist us in using our finite space and resources in the very best way possible. In addition, they help us to maintain focus on the overall vision and mission of the school. Support for these policies will assist with our existing activities as well as continued growth here at JCS.  We must also ensure that every reasonable precaution has been taken to limit exposure in areas such as life, safety and security. Our efforts to be good stewards of the entire facility are critical to our mission and are also an expression of our appreciation for the way in which God has blessed The John Carroll family.  We see the campus as a tool which we can use to support our primary mission as a faith-based school and to partner with other groups and organizations that are compatible with our mission. For those reasons, the policies and procedures in this document have been adopted by the Board of Trustees and Leadership of The John Carroll School to ensure the proper usage and continued good stewardship of our facilities, campus and resources. 

Please read JCS FACILITY USE POLICY AND PROCEDURES for important information.


 Q.  What is the process for using the facilities at THE JOHN CARROLL SCHOOL?

 A.  Please complete the facility use request form, read and accept the Policies and Procedures document and submit.

 QWith whom should I speak regarding a proposed rental at The John Carroll School?

 A.  The Coordinator of Campus Services, Linda Nitchie, can be reached by phone at 410-879-2480, ext. 2067, by email at or by regular mail at The John Carroll School 703 E. Churchville Road, Bel Air MD 21014.

 Q.  For what purpose will The John Carroll School allow individuals or outside organizations to use its facilities?

 A.  Any proposed use must be consistent with the mission of The John Carroll School and, at least, must not conflict with the teachings of the Catholic Church.  If you have concerns about whether the proposed activities are consistent with Church teachings, please contact the Coordinator of Campus Services.

 QIs a written agreement required for use of THE JOHN CARROLL SCHOOL facilities by an individual or outside organization?

 A.  Yes.  A Facility Use Agreement must be completed every time an individual or outside organization uses our facilities. 

 QAre there any insurance requirements related to use by an individual or outside organization?

 A.  Yes.  In accordance with the Archdiocese’s and The Facility Use Agreement, a certificate of insurance demonstrating the individual or outside organization carries a minimum of $1,000,000 in general liability coverage must be provided.  The certificate must also contain The John Carroll School and the Archbishop of Baltimore, a Corporation sole, as additional insureds under the insurance policy for purposes of use of the facilities. 

  QWhere can I get insurance for my event/activity?

  A.  Businesses or organizations should check with their existing insurance providers. If you are an individual you can check with your existing provider of home, auto or other insurance, or you can arrange for a one day special event policy that fulfills the obligation to provide $1,000,000 in general liability coverage.

 Q.  Can an outside organization and/or individual have alcohol available while using THE JOHN CARROLL SCHOOL facilities?

 A.  Under no circumstances does THE JOHN CARROLL SCHOOL permit a “bring your own bottle” (BYOB) style event.  It is within the of discretion THE JOHN CARROLL SCHOOL to allow individuals or outside organizations to serve alcohol responsibly and in a manner permitted by law, if proper insurance, supervision, permits, and security is in place. As part of allowing the consumption of alcohol, it is extremely important that the individual or outside organization know they must obtain any necessary permits from the local liquor board.  Evidence of proper licensing and liquor liability coverage must be provided to THE JOHN CARROLL SCHOOL prior to the event. 

 Q.  What areas are available for rental?

 A. We have many indoor and outdoor spaces available for rental, please visit Spaces Available for Use for a complete list.

 Q.  Do you have packages available that include multiple spaces?

 A.  Yes, we have many space bundles available for rental.


Upper Gym
Lower Gym
Brown Room
Patriot Café (Cafeteria)
Library/Media Center
College Center
Senior Classroom
Standard Classroom
Fine Arts Wing Atrium
Fine Arts Wing Patio
Gerry Gray Memorial Field
Women's Varsity Field
"The Glen"
Varsity Baseball Field
Track (includes pits)
Track Infield/JV Soccer Field
Varsity Soccer Field
Softball Field #1
Softball Field #2
JV Baseball/Practice Field
Rugby/Football Practice Field
Tennis Courts (4)
Exterior Basketball Courts
Cross-Country Course
Auditorium/Choir/Band/Dress Room
Auditorium/Lower Gym
Patriot Café/Courtyard
Upper Gym/Courtyard
Upper Gym/Lower Gym
Upper Gym/Lower Gym/Café
Fine Arts Wing/Atrium/Patio
Cross Country Course, The Glen/Track
Track & Field
Faculty & Staff Lot
Student Lot
Custodial Support
Stage Light/Sound tech
Other Services/General Labor





Questions pertaining to the use of the facilities should be directed to: Linda Nitchie, Coordinator of Campus Services at 410-879-2480, extension 2067, or email at