The John Carroll School is a Catholic, independent, secondary school for young men and women that exists as a corporation within the secondary school system of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

The school offers a challenging, college preparatory curriculum that incorporates a spectrum of courses and activities to complement the needs and interests of our students.

John Carroll teaches Catholic and democratic principles and is aware of its responsibility to give consistent attention to Catholic moral and religious training of young men and women along with the academic and physical disciplines. Since we believe parents have the primary duty and right to educate their children in the manner of their choosing, we exist as an alternative to a strictly secular education.

The family, church, community, and the nation simultaneously play respective roles in the education of our youth. John Carroll assists these agencies by undertaking the role of Christian education; a role we believe requires sterling qualities of mind and heart, qualified academic preparation, and constant readiness to begin anew. We recognize our responsibility to elevate the consciousness of our students concerning the role of stewardship in the world. We encourage Catholic Christian beliefs, democratic values, and academic excellence.

We endeavor to develop in our students the attitudes, values, knowledge, and skills to enable them to contribute actively, intelligently, and responsibly to a better world, as they strive daily “to act justly, to love tenderly, and to walk humbly with God.” (Micah 6:8)

  • STEAM Academy

    John Carroll’s STEAM Academy was established for students who display a strong interest and aptitude for science and/or mathematics. Through collaborative efforts with area STEM organizations, the Academy provides each student with the opportunity to explore the many different science, technology, engineering art and mathematics fields.

  • Flex Program

    Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurial Exploration (FLEX), is giving students the business smarts to develop their own products and services and make an impact in the world. Starting with a required Financial Literacy class in their sophomore year, students learn things they may never otherwise learn about until or even after college.


Upon completion of a rigorous education rooted in the principles and ideals of the Catholic Church and Archbishop John Carroll, the John Carroll graduate will:

Have a strong sense of self as demonstrated by:

  • Having honorable priorities: faith, family, others
  • Having spirituality/faith
  • Being responsible
  • Being articulate
  • Being confident
  • Being an independent thinker

Be well prepared to pursue his/her personal and professional aspirations by:

  • Accepting challenges
  • Embracing new experiences
  • Seeking knowledge and skills, and applying them to serve the common good

Have a global perspective that is demonstrated through:

  • Respecting diverse opinions and perspectives
  • Appreciating cultural differences
  • Communicating across cultures

Have a moral compass that is demonstrated through:

  • Personal honesty and integrity
  • Ability to make wise choices
  • Commitment to social justice and advancing peace in the larger society

John Carroll School