Faculty & Staff Directory

School Telephone: 410-838-8333, 410-879-2480; Fax: 410-836-8514
Advancement/Alumni Relations Telephone: 410-838-7444, 410-879-5053; Fax: 410-893-3052

Attanasio '97, Mrs. Danica M.Ed. Notre Dame of Maryland University Dean of School Life, World Languages (Dept. Chair) dattanasio@johncarroll.org
DiBiagio, Mr. Steve M.B.A. and M.Ed. Loyola University President ext 2003 sdibiagio@johncarroll.org
Durkin, Mr. Tom M.M.S. Loyola University Principal ext 2525 tdurkin@johncarroll.org
Hensley, Mr. Larry M.S., N.C.C. Wilmington University Dean of Student Services ext 2054 lhensley@johncarroll.org
Hollin '92, Mr. Jake M.Ed. George Washington University Assistant Principal of Academics ext 2002 jhollin@johncarroll.org
Ireton, Mr. Sean Assistant Dean of Students sireton@johncarroll.org
Powell, Mr. Brian M.A.T. Johns Hopkins University Dean of Students and Technology ext 2018 bpowell@johncarroll.org
Appleby, Mr. George B.S. State University of New York, Albany Mathematics gappleby@johncarroll.org
Attanasio '97, Mrs. Danica M.Ed. Notre Dame of Maryland University Dean of School Life, World Languages (Spanish, Dept. Chair) dattanasio@johncarroll.org
Baker, Dr. Julie Ph.D. Vanderbilt University Science (Dept. Chair) jbaker@johncarroll.org
Blair, Mr. Matthew M.A. The Catholic University of America English mblair@johncarroll.org
Brueggemann, Mrs. Kimberly A.A. University of Arkansas Fine Arts--Theatre kbrueggemann@johncarroll.org
Canter '01, Mr. Mark B.A. Towson University World Languages (German), English mcanter@johncarroll.org
Collins, Mrs. Lisa M.Arch. University of Pennsylvania Fine Arts (Dept. Chair) lcollins@johncarroll.org
Connolly, Mr. Sean J.D. Hofstra University Mathematics sconnolly@johncarroll.org
Davidson, Dr. Anthony Ph.D. University of Maryland Baltimore County Science adavidson@johncarroll.org
Deaver, Mr. Christopher M.A. Franciscan University of Steubenville Religion cdeaver@johncarroll.org
Del Puppo, Mr. Anthony M.A. Washington College Social Studies adelpuppo@johncarroll.org
Dichiera '90, Ms. Noelle M.A. University of Baltimore Fine Arts ndichiera@johncarroll.org
Dukes, Mr. Larry M.A.S. Johns Hopkins University FLEX Coordinator ldukes@johncarroll.org
Fabriziani, Mr. Erik M.Ed. Auburn University Physical Education efabriziani@johncarroll.org
Fendryk, Mr. James B.A. University of Maryland Baltimore County Social Studies jfendryk@johncarroll.org
Ferry, Mrs. Regina B.A. Loyola University World Languages (French) rferry@johncarroll.org
Gallen, Dr. Joseph Ed.D. University of San Diego Religion (Dept. Chair) jgallen@johncarroll.org
Gaudreau '70, Mr. Michael M.Ed. Bank Street College/Parsons School of Design Fine Arts mgaudreau@johncarroll.org
Gauthier '71, Mrs.Teresa B.S. University of Maryland Health, Physical Education tgauthier@johncarroll.org
Hall '89, Mrs. Allison M.A. Notre Dame of Maryland University English ahall@johncarroll.org
Hollin '92, Mr. Jake M.Ed. George Washington University Social Studies (Dept. Chair) jhollin@johncarroll.org
Howe, Ms. Hayley M.A. Johns Hopkins University English hhowe@johncarroll.org
Huber, Mr. David M.T.S. Washington Theological Union Religion dhuber@johncarroll.org
Johnson, Mr. Rodney M.M.S. Loyola University Social Studies rjohnson@johncarroll.org
Ketchum, Dr. Andrew Ph.D. Harvard University Science aketchum@johncarroll.org
Kimble, Mr. Michael M.A. LaSalle University Religion mkimble@johncarroll.org
Lawler '00, Mr. Shane B.S. University of Maryland Science slawler@johncarroll.org
Lazor, Dr. Paul Ph.D. State University of New York, Albany Social Studies plazor@johncarroll.org
Low, Mr. John M.S. Towson University Science jlow@johncarroll.org
Magner, Ms. Deirdre M.A., C.A.S. Fairfield University World Languages (Spanish) dmagner@johncarroll.org
Markel, Mrs. Beverly B.S. West Virginia University Institute of Technology Mathematics bmarkel@johncarroll.org
Michael, Mrs. Jane B.A. Frostburg State University World Languages (Spanish) jmichael@johncarroll.org
Milburn, Mrs. Tara M.A.T. Monmouth University English tmilburn@johncarroll.org
Monaghan, Mr. Michael B.S. Towson University Science mmonaghan@johncarroll.org
Nusbaum '00, Ms. Jessica B.A. Salisbury University Spanish jnusbaum@johncarroll.org
Parrish, Mrs. Julie B.F.A. Elon University Fine Arts, Director of Performing Arts jparrish@johncarroll.org
Pleiss '04, Mrs.Teresa M.A. Loyola University Mathematics tpleiss@johncarroll.org
Schick, Mr. Robert M.A. Notre Dame of Maryland University Fine Arts, Social Studies rschick@johncarroll.org
Scholl, Mr. Gary M.L.A. McDaniel College, M.Ed. Loyola University Social Studies gscholl@johncarroll.org
Siler '01, Mr. Darrion St. Mary’s College of Maryland Social Studies dsiler@johncarroll.org
Sprankle, Mrs. Meghan M.Ed. Providence College Religion msprankle@johncarroll.org
Stellmon, Ms. Erin M.A. University of Nevada - Las Vegas Fine Arts estellmon@johncarroll.org
Torres, Mr. Robert B.A. University of Maryland Baltimore Co. Mathematics rtorres@johncarroll.org
Ufnar, Mr. Zac B.A. Mercyhurst University Religion zufnar@johncarroll.org
Vierheller, Mr. Thomas B.A. Wheeling Jesuit University Religion tvierheller@johncarroll.org
Von Lange, Ms. Courtney M.S. University of Delaware Mathematics (Dept. Chair) cvonlange@johncarroll.org
Ward, Mrs. Angela M.Ed. Loyola University Science angelaward@johncarroll.org
Ward-Moran, Mrs. Laura B.A. Goucher College Dance lwardmoran@johncarroll.org
Zhu, Mrs. Jay Ph.D. University of Tennessee World Languages (Chinese) jzhu@johncarroll.org
Zurkowski, Mrs. Christine M.Ed. McDaniel College English (Dept. Chair), Fine Arts czurkowski@johncarroll.org
Administrative Office Staff
Cathell, Mrs. Sue Registrar ext 2005 scathell@johncarroll.org
Fogarty, Mrs. Jane Administrative Assistant, Main Office ext 2000 jfogarty@johncarroll.org
Piquett, Mrs. Tina Executive Assistant to the President ext 2500 tpiquett@johncarroll.org
Teel, Mrs. Dawn Executive Assistant to the Principal ext 2001 dteel@johncarroll.org
Advancement, Marketing & Constituent Relations
Adolph '01, Mrs. Caroline Director of Annual Giving & Parent Relations ext 2100 cadolph@johncarroll.org
Everett '93, Mrs. Karen Associate Director of Creative Services ext 2090 keverett@johncarroll.org
Roarty '95, Mrs. Susan Butcher Director of Institutional Advancement & Alumni Relations ext 2106 sroarty@johncarroll.org
Todman, Mrs. Ashaki Manager of Marketing Communications ext 2061 atodman@johncarroll.org
Walsh, Mrs. Kathy Director of Marketing & Communications ext 2101 kwalsh@johncarroll.org
Webb '08, Ms. Kate Administrative Support Associate ext x2110 kwebb@johncarroll.org
Eder, Ms. Karen Assistant Athletic Trainer ext 2016 keder@johncarroll.org
Fabriziani, Mr. Erik Athletic Trainer ext 2016 efabriziani@johncarroll.org
Goldberg, Mr. Seth Athletic Director ext 2013 sgoldberg@johncarroll.org
King, Mr. Brian Assistant Athletic Director ext 2039 bking@johncarroll.org
Swift, Ms. Abbey Assistant Athletic Director ext 2070 aswift@johncarroll.org
Business Office
Beam, Mrs. Denise Accounts Payable Accountant ext 2007 dbeam@johncarroll.org
Signorelli '76, Mr. Larry Director of Finance ext 2004 lsignorelli@johncarroll.org
Thacker, Mrs. Vicki Controller ext 2008 vthacker@johncarroll.org
Behler, Mrs. Jennifer School Counselor ext 2051 jbehler@johncarroll.org
Hensley, Mr. Larry Director of Counseling ext 2054 lhensley@johncarroll.org
Opperhauser, Mrs. Mary Counseling Office Administrative Assistant ext 2050 mopperhauser@johncarroll.org
Roseland '05, Ms. Molly School Counselor ext 2052 mroseland@johncarroll.org
Siemsen, Mrs. Carrie College Counselor ext 2055 csiemsen@johncarroll.org
Smith, Mrs. Kelly College Counselor ext 2053 ksmith@johncarroll.org
Deans of Students
Ireton, Mr. Sean Freshman & Sophomore Dean of Students ext 2019 sireton@johncarroll.org
Powell, Mr. Brian Junior and Senior Dean of Students ext 2018 bpowell@johncarroll.org
Dining Service
Porter, Mr. Scott Dining Service ext 2069 sporter@johncarroll.org
Maynard '93, Mr. Edward Director of Enrollment ext 2062 emaynard@johncarroll.org
Ward-Moran, Mrs. Laura Associate Director of Enrollment lwardmoran@johncarroll.org
Blevins, Mr. Tom Head Groundskeeper ext 2105
Ehrbaker, Mr. Michael Maintenance Technician mehrbaker@johncarroll.org
Holmes, Mr. Gregory Maintenance Technician gholmes@johncarroll.org
McGrain, Mr. Joe Facilities Manager ext 2065 jmcgrain@johncarroll.org
Mullin, Mr. Joe Facilities Assistant ext 2066
Nitchie, Mrs. Linda Coordinator of Camps and Campus Services ext 2067 lnitchie@johncarroll.org
Scarff, Mr. Andrew Maintenance Technician ascarff@johncarroll.org
Teter, Mr. Gary CDL Driver & Maintenance Technician gteter@johncarroll.org
Van Buskirk, Mr. Jay Building Superintendent ext 2066 JVanBuskirk@johncarroll.org
International Student Programs
Davis, Mr. Paul Dorm Supervisor ext 2107 pdavis@johncarroll.org
Ross, Mr. Damon Dorm Supervisor ext 2108 dross@johncarroll.org
Snow, Mr. Tucker International Counselor ext 2043 tsnow@johncarroll.org
Mission and Ministry
Sprankle, Mrs. Meghan Associate Director of Mission & Ministry/Religion Teacher ext 1112 msprankle@johncarroll.org
Ufnar, Mr. Zac Director of Mission & Ministry/Religion Teacher ext 2031 zufnar@johncarroll.org
Webster '81, Mrs. Michelle School Nurse ext 2010 mwebster@johncarroll.org
Hall '89, Mrs. Allison Newspaper--Patriot ahall@johncarroll.org
Hall '89, Mrs. Allison Literary Magazine--Pinnacle ext 2027 ahall@johncarroll.org
Zurkowski, Mrs. Christine Yearbook--Pacificus ext 2044 czurkowski@johncarroll.org
School Store
Buontempo, Mrs. Christine School Store Manager ext 2022 cbuontempo@johncarroll.org
Senior Project
Geczy, Mrs. Louise Senior Project Coordinator ext 2047 lgeczy@johncarroll.org
Service Learning
Strawbridge, Mrs. Susan Coordinator of Service Learning ext 2048 sstrawbridge@johncarroll.org
St. Joseph Program
Drummey, Mrs. Ann Program Director ext 2046 adrummey@johncarroll.org
Monaghan, Mr. Michael STEAM Coordinator ext 2042 mmonaghan@johncarroll.org
Russell, Mr. Greg Director of Technology ext 2040 grussell@johncarroll.org
Vitucci, Mr. Joseph Help Desk Coordinator ext 4082 jvitucci@johncarroll.org
Wilson '70, Mr. Chuck Technology Specialist cwilson@johncarroll.org