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Catholic Identity

Fr. Steve Sutton Celebrating Mass

We believe that…

  • Embracing the Catholic faith enables the school to educate the whole person. 
  • Celebrating the Eucharist and other communal liturgical experiences fosters the Catholic identity and the inner spirituality of each student. 
  • Teaching the faith centered in Jesus Christ invites young men and women to form their lives on Him.
  • Forming young men and women in a Gospel-based moral code helps them to develop a life-guiding compass. 
  • Honoring the dignity of each person enables each person to embrace and celebrate diversity. 
  • Developing respect and appreciation for other Christian and other faith traditions fosters the spiritual development of all students. 
  • Promoting social justice and service creates an awareness of one’s responsibility to the local and global community.  
  • The life of Archbishop John Carroll as churchman, scholar, and patriot provides a positive spirit and role model for our community. 

For more information on our Catholic identity, please visit the Mission & Ministry page.